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Club Rules

Section 1The Club is known as BMWMOA French-Connection

Section 2The Club being affiliated with the BMWMOA USA, it is therefore a non-profit association, serving to promote tourism and camping in France.

Section 3Club members will be required to own a BMW, regardless of series or type.

Article 3aSupporting members of the Club must have been members for at least 2 consecutive years in the past. This provision applies to both individual and couple membership.

Section 4The members of the Club will pay their annual contribution as soon as the treasurer makes the request, this in order to keep their statute of member and to be able to have the right to vote in the election of the officers.

Section 5The membership fee is set each year at the General Assembly. In the event of membership and/or withdrawal during the year, the membership fee cannot under any circumstances be refunded. This is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year.

Section 6The members of the BMWMOA French Connection undertake not to participate in any demonstration, and not to cause disturbances on the public highway in the name of the association under penalty of being excluded.

Section 7Members undertake not to indulge in alcohol abuse during gatherings under penalty of being permanently excluded from the association.

Section 8The possible exclusion of members, who go against the rules of the Club, will be done during the General Assembly or an exceptional assembly, by a majority of those present.

Section 9The leaders of the Club (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) will be elected each year at the General Assembly.

Section 10In the event of dissolution of the BMWMOA French-Connection, all cash funds will be donated to a public charity selected by vote.

Section 11Amendments to this constitution can be added at the request of one of the members, and this always following a vote.

Section 12At the annual Ascension International Rally, only BMW motorcycles will be accepted. Exceptions will be processed and voted on unanimously by the Bureau. These exceptions can only concern former owners of BMW motorcycles.

Done on December 1, 2018
The President: Marc Vanderschaeghe

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