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Thought of 22-03-2020

 Chris Pic

The news from the front is wrinkled

Half the world confined

Keep courage the populace

And the smile under the mask.

A moved thought for them who for several months have been supporting us in silence.
We blow our noses in it, we pour all our miasma and our annoyances into it.

We wash our hands every ten minutes, much less often the elbows.

Forgotten body parts, mistreated badly washed... we always keep some underneath...
Ode to the elbows!
Confined for a long time already, they must take the air and the sun.

Don't hide them, show them.

Take it easy at first, ten minutes a day seems safe to me.

Of course, don't forget to anoint them delicately with a greasy ointment like total screen or tallow...

The skin of the elbows being very sensitive is well known.
Outraged elbows, broken elbows, martyred elbows... But liberated elbows!

Thought of 20-03-2020

Chris Peak

haiku of the day

The doubt crosses you

You lose your way

Too much spirit and you go astray

« The humor of rails »

Crustacean shellfish

Praries clam's in parade

Let's enjoy

Oysters and mussels offered

In marcel or marinière

Let's taste it's so good

Tomorrow's Senryu

My bile is all green

I'm on the verge of bitter

toilet door open

“  Return from party.

Humour du rail.png
marcel et mariniere.png
praires clams.png
moules et huitres.png

The thought of the moment

our friend Chris Pic

I'm not invaded by monkeys yet,

But the deer are getting closer... 

Less noise, fewer cars, more hunter.

They look at me quite closely and I capture the same astonishment, Din their doe eyes.

There were animals, let them take their place.

The waters are clearing up, we can see the fish and fishing is closed.


Thought of 19-03-2020

 Chris Pic

But where to put my feet in this ocean of daisies... they invade me. So strong they look like daisies.
A few violets fight in groups for the place. Tiny ants have built a huge mound. I cry and I'm happy. I put some big snails back in the tall grass, surprised by the sudden sweetness. Heavy flying insects turn and seek a new place for this promising spring. The silence is total. Only these reassuring buzzes and the birds that invite you. On the trip. To serenity. A plane passed. Was there a pilot?


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