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Ah, here we are. La Dream Team Cou'z in Norway landed the wheels in Norway, passing by lGermany and Sweden , via the Love Boat from Kiel to Gothenburg. Then direction Oslo, capital of Norway by the small roads. But do you really know this country?

Norway in French, Norway in Inglishe, Norge in Norwegian...

It's one of those Nordic countries that everyone dreads having to  to go there one day, it's so far, for me, very, very far from everything...

Physically, this country looks like a sperm...

Otherwise, Norway is beautiful, we can only encourage you to go there in summer and winter. It's a beautiful country, so go there!!and in the meantime, click on the 1st card, to discover our photos and on the 2nd go read our tribulations on the member page. Tomorrow heading elsewhere!!!!!

Photo album

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